Setup Process Script Writing
Setup Cost $1,000 to $5,200
Cost of Media $7 – $70 per hour or $35 – $60 per lead
Cost to Continue $20-$60/hour
Demographic Served People on your telemarketing company’s call list
Definitive ROI Tracking? Yes
Pros Targeted
Cons Extremely annoying, hurts brand image


Telemarketing is a more direct and on-the-spot form of advertising, making it a great way to engage potential clients. But depending on how many outbound calls your company is making, you could end up paying a substantial fee for your advertising costs. Not to mention, you’ll only drive your customers and potential customers crazy with this kind of advertising ploy, which is another cost for advertising that you may not expect. Few people will tolerate telemarketing calls, and no one enjoys them. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission receives a yearly average of 18,000 complaints about telemarketers. Save your money for advertising campaigns your customers will actually find intriguing.