National Search Engine Optimization

Setup Process Website Configuration
Setup Cost $4,000-$10,0000
Cost of Media Free
Cost to Continue ~$500/month to internet marketer
Demographic Served People actively searching for a company like yours
Definitive ROI Tracking? Yes
Pros Free stream of qualified traffic
Cons Continuous monitoring necessary to maintain traffic stream


Configuring your website for national SEO is a bit more expensive than the initial costs of telemarketing, but it’s even cheaper than direct mail marketing and none of your customers will throw your ads in the trash or hang up on you. Also, unlike magazine and newspaper ads, SEO allows you to create interesting content that advertises for your business and is shareable on social networking sites. When you implement good SEO strategies, potential customers can search for your company’s website or social pages on Google and interact with your brand online. SEO also boosts your website’s visibility, increasing its rank in search engine results pages. You can even create commercials for websites like YouTube and Hulu for only a fraction of the cost of advertising on TV. In general, SEO combines some of the lowest national advertising costs with some of the highest ROI.