National Pay Per Click Marketing

Setup Process Website Configuration
Setup Cost $4,000-$10,0000
Cost of Media 5¢-$3 per qualified visitor
Cost to Continue Cost of clicks + ~$500/month to internet marketer
Demographic Served People actively searching for a company like yours
Definitive ROI Tracking? Yes
Pros Free stream of qualified traffic
Cons Easy for amateurs to mismanage a campaign and waste money


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is an inexpensive and highly-effective form of online advertising. After paying the costs to configure your PPC campaign, you only pay a few cents every time someone clicks your ad. And who is going to click on your link? People who are searching for the kinds of products and services your website has to offer. This can increase the conversion rate (traffic to sales) of your website and generate more revenue for your company, which make the costs of advertising for this medium incredibly low. The only thing to watch out for with PPC campaigns is who is doing your PPC management. At WebFX, we have highly-skilled professionals who manage your PPC campaigns for you to ensure that your PPC advertising isn’t mismanaged. We incorporate specific keywords relative to your website to help traffic find your company on the web. Check out our PPC Management Pricing page to learn more about what this kind of advertising can do for you.