National Magazine Advertising

Setup Process Design
Setup Cost $500 to $397,800
Cost of Media Average of approx. $250,000 per ad
Cost to Continue Cost of media + agency hourly rate
Demographic Served Anyone reading the magazine
Definitive ROI Tracking? No
Pros Exposure
Cons Expensive, wasted impressions on unqualified customers


While advertising through a national magazine costs less than advertising through national TV, it lacks the dynamics and level of narrative that an action-packed ad can deliver. On the plus side, your ad will stick around for longer than 30 seconds, but are the costs of magazine advertising really worth it? With the potential to cost up to $397,800, you could run through your whole marketing budget with one ad in one magazine’s special edition. Even if you only advertise in the local sections of magazines with national distribution, marketing costs can be quite hefty, making this a poor move for most small or mid sized companies. And why cast such a large net advertising in publications that may not appeal to your target audience? When you consider how inexpensive online advertising is, magazine advertising costs way too much money to be spending on ads that don’t even have clickable links. By comparison, the cost of national magazine advertising is pretty high. And digital advertising is projected to surpass print advertising as the chief source of consumer magazine advertising revenue by 2019.