Direct Mail Marketing

Setup Process Design
Setup Cost $50 to $7,200
Cost of Media Approx. $51.40 per order
Cost to Continue Design, publishing + postage costs
Demographic Served Direct mail company’s mailing list
Definitive ROI Tracking? Yes
Pros Targeted
Cons Publishing and postage costs drive up initial investment


At first glance, direct mail marketing seems much more reasonable than the other media on this list. However, when you take publishing and postage costs into account, you’re looking at spending quite a bit more in advertising costs than initial projections indicate. While increased costs of mailing and production have increased spending on direct mail marketing efforts, the volume of direct mail pieces is decreasing. It all depends on how large your mailing list is. Even if you are willing to pay the advertising costs for direct mail marketing, who actually reads this kind of mail anyway? Most people take the envelope right out of their mailboxes and drop it straight into the trash. Do you really want to be spending your valuable advertising resources on filling up someone’s garbage can? After all, it’s cheaper to maintain relationships with customers via email and online channels.