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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

St Louis County representing the region of St Louis,
as they fight to keep the residents informed of the pandemic…

St. Louis Consultant Hosts Virtual Business Conference to Help Others during the Covid-19 Crisis

Marnée Morgan’s 4-week event focuses on financial wellness beyond the pandemic  Marnée Morgan was just about to postpone her annual Elevate conference when she felt the need to pivot and transition to a virtual conference. The St. Louis communications strategist and consultant initially thought people were overwhelmed with live-streamed events...

Testing sites running out of protective equipment

North St. Louis finally has COVID-19 tests – but now needs PPE By Rebecca Rivas Of The St. Louis American Apr 21, 2020  CareSTL Health, which operates three testing sites in North St. Louis city, has only a week’s worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees, said Angela Clabon on Friday, April 17. Its supply orders for masks, gowns...

Atlanta mayor urges residents to stay at home as governor reopens state: ‘Look at the science’

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) is urging city residents to stay at home even as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) plans to reopen the state at the end of the week.

Esther Agbaje launches bid for Minnesota House 59B seat

Attorney Esther Agbaje is on a mission to create positive change in her community. The 34-year-old Minnesota native has announced that she’s running for the Minnesota House of Representatives seat in District 59B, which includes most of downtown Minneapolis and North Minneapolis.

Mississippi Delta Communities Respond to COVID-19

Greenville Mayor Erick Simmons speaks to a crowd while standing on the steps of city hall.
Those attending the press conference are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
“People are dying,” Simmons said in a speech. “African Americans are dying at a higher rate than any others in the United States and in Mississippi.”

Trump Points Finger of Blame at Another Black Man for COVID-19

Trump is now attacking Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Ethiopian-born head of the World Health Organization, one of the go-to organizations dispensing important data concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Should Black Men Be Afraid to Wear Face Masks?

Aaron Thomas, a Black man who lives in Columbus, Ohio, wrote an eye-opening op-ed in the Boston Globe that likely hit home with many African Americans.

Unemployment Angst Tops D.C. Residents’ Concerns

Countless D.C. residents are searching for answers as they grapple with a new reality due to the coronavirus pandemic. With a stay-at-home order forcing many businesses to close or temporarily lay off its workers, residents are filing for unemployment benefits at unprecedented rates.

NAACP Town Hall COVID 19 – 11 April 2020

https://www.facebook.com/hot1041stl/videos/1461911263973805/ NAACP city of St. Louis Town Hall Leave your questions and comments below! Share this broadcast!

Ann Wooten Taylor – StudioWBuzz

TUNE IN NOW for the BOOMERANG Radio Show! To listen to the show, download IMG2 or LIVESTREAM the show at www.studiowbuzz.com!
StudioW “The brainchild of William A. Brown” offers the best radio programming on the Internet today.

Social distancing saves lives Stay home if you are sick Cover your face with a cloth mask if no other mask is available when out in public Sneeze and cough in your arms Keep a 6 feet distance

  • Social distancing saves lives
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover your face with a cloth mask if no other mask is available when out in public
  • Sneeze and cough in your arms
  • Keep a 6 feet distance


9 Black Owned Companies
Making Face Masks


African American COVID-19
Outcomes are Disproportionately Bad




The Urban Broadcast Association of America (UBAA) is a growing network of over 100 independently owned community media platforms including radio stations, streaming platforms, digital and social sites, content producers, and connected community organizations anchored in and serving A.A. communities across the USA.


In addition to delivering over 100 million audience visits per month across our network, we culturally connect advertisers to our communities via social media, digital and online platforms distributing new voices and experiences to our diverse audience’s interests and needs.

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The UBAA serves a diverse grouping of clients from the nonprofit, corporate and entertainment sectors. We build our Media Partner Relationships and engagement from the ground up to better serve Brands with a need to connect to communities everywhere.

Through our various partnerships and engagements, we have developed and executed winning campaigns for:

What We Do

Our “Community First” approach reaches a lion share of AA U.S. families in a culturally relevant manner – all day, every day. Our content is deployed over highly used media platforms including mobile applications, streaming technology and social. Our influencers generate immediate value for our clients through sponsored events, new media, product testing, and custom long-form content.

What We Do

In addition, we provide access to millions of AA consumers through targeted grassroots outreach, content distribution, multi-genre programs and more. Our show hosts, content and community features are 100% reflective and inclusive of the communities we serve across the nation. From non-profits initiatives to local entrepreneurs, we reach multiple markets based on our community interests and ability to galvanize, influence and distribute mass content from a single source point.

What We Do

We speak in the voice and lifestyle of a wide demographic of viewers and listeners with hundreds of interest points in the country’s highest populations of AA markets, including high concentrations of people often overlooked by traditional media. We cover primary, secondary and specialized markets with intent and deliver millions of impressions and opportunities for our advertising partners to participate in the $1.9 trillion dollars annual buying power of the A.A community.

What We Do

We create measurable results for advertisers, member affiliates and content partners through robust tracking of viewing and listening performance via updated social media analytics and broadcast reporting. We forecast socio-economic and cultural trends from our social influencers based on engagement rates and direct community feedback as additional metrics for return-on-investment for our partners.


Diversity Golf Marketing Group (DGMG) / PGA Reach

The UBAA/ Dynasty Television partnered with St. Louis golf enthusiasts The TeeMasters to promote the PGA Reach’s youth outreach program in the Midwest. It was a historic “first” for PGA to invest in low-income neighborhood s to introduce children 8 – 14 to the game and the future employment and networking opportunities it will create. Our campaign consisted of social media posts highlighting student achievement, parent involvement and community / financial partners who provided financial literacy training and mentorship to the newly formed team. The campaign was supported by local radio, television and print media and was re-shared over community partners, golf influencers, the instructors and families under the Dynasty Television social media dashboard. DGMG and UBAA raised over $40,000 for the hosting team organization with Sponsor funds utilized to pay for the team’s outfits, equipment and training sessions. Expansion to additional teams will be supported by podcasts and ongoing media content to fuel engagement and excitement.

Comcast Cares Community Day

Local Comcast Partner’s Community Giving Day was the perfect opportunity to showcase the giving spirit of Comcast MSP employees and their commitment to community service throughout the year. On May 4, 2019, Comcast celebrated the 18th year of service with over 400 employees assisting families in need assemble resource kits for children. We organically amplified our media partners’ Facebook live stream reaching 23,371 people with 497 views over 9 connected social pages within an hour.

Washington Informer Congressional Black Caucus 2019

The District’s oldest African American newsweekly created a massive coverage campaign communicating key events, interviews, panels and speakers to professionals throughout the DMV area. Combining their socials with their weekly publication and digital presence yielded an accurate reach of over 11 million people per month for it’s branded socials and sister publication The Bridge. We employed an influencer marketing campaign connecting their editorials and on-site posts to notable political figures, media personalities, and community leaders shared over 89 social media pages total reaching over 150,000 people on 4,600 impressions delivered each day.



At Dynasty we provide MultiCultural Brand Marketing Strategy, Development, Implementation, and Management to help you stay current and communicate your value. We do this through a systemized approach using an AGILE™ process that helps us get more done faster for you. Our systemized approach utilizes Workflows, Playbooks, and Processes developed and tested through the partnering of national marketing, advertising, and product development research firms and proven through thousands of businesses, consultancies, and agencies worldwide!

Our Approach is Simple

  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan/
    Campaign Strategy
  • Launch It
  • Measure it
  • Manage it


With over 26 years of experience, Dynasty Television is a St. Louis based African American media distribution, marketing and advertising company working to produce original programming and commercial messaging airing in local and national markets. We deliver new radio content, multi-genre music formats, streaming television and pre-recorded shows and films to millions of listeners and viewers. 

Dynasty Television executes primarily
across five key areas of focus

  • Original content acquisition and distribution
  • Driving radio, television, film and music content consumption through leveraged social media
  • Culturally and contextually relevant creative and messaging content media placement, and advertising services across the network
  • Digital marketing on affiliate websites, mobile apps, and OTT platforms
  • Sponsorship of content and live events 


Together Dynasty Consulting and Dynasty Television strategically plan and create resources, media and content that let you bring your message to a greater number of people in ways across our CultureTainment Network.

Campaigns that educate and inform, that provide access to resources and pertinent information to ultimately close education and health-based disparity gaps and create a sustainable business model attracting funding partners, influencers and key stakeholders to partner for growth.

UBAA Reach

  • 100+ AA community media
    in 75 U.S. markets  
  • 277 social media pages 
  • 100 million visits per month
  • 33 million visits per week
  • 21 million on-air and online listeners 
  • 100+ websites







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