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9 Black-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Know About

There are thousands of brands choose from, but if you are looking for great styles that are also unique, check out these Black-owned fashion brands.

Our Favorite Black Fathers From Television

With Father’s Day just around the corner let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Black Dads from TV.

What is the Universal Hip Hop Museum?

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum just had its groundbreaking. Here’s everything you need to know about this historic building going up in the heart of the Bronx.

The state of Black entrepreneurship

Tosh Ernest Sponsored Content from JP Morgan Chase A conversation with Tosh Ernest, head of Wealth, Advancing Black Pathways at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Q: Last year, between February and April alone, the U.S. lost 440,000 Black-owned businesses. What made these firms so vulnerable? A: The unfortunate reality is that far too many Black-owned...

The History of Pride Month

Pride Month celebrates LGBTQ+ liberation every June. Learn the history of Pride month to understand it in context and learn what you can do to make the change you believe in this June.

Father’s Day Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

Pick out something unique this Father’s day from one of these amazing Black-owned brands. Make this year memorable by choosing something truly unique.

A Pop-up Look at a Rising Singer, Emil Beckford

The Narrative Matters always want to keep you in the know on what is going on in the world within your reach.

The Rock Steady Black Catholic Church of St. Louis

A church symbolizes the body of Christ. It’s a place where its congregants gather to give their praise to the Most High.

Covid-19 and caring for your loved ones at home

Taking care of a loved one can be tough, especially during these times of Covid-19.


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The Urban Broadcast Association of America (UBAA) is a growing network of over 100 independently owned community media platforms including radio stations, streaming platforms, digital and social sites, content producers, and connected community organizations anchored in and serving A.A. communities across the USA.


In addition to delivering over 100 million audience visits per month across our network, we culturally connect advertisers to our communities via social media, digital and online platforms distributing new voices and experiences to our diverse audience’s interests and needs.

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The UBAA serves a diverse grouping of clients from the nonprofit, corporate and entertainment sectors. We build our Media Partner Relationships and engagement from the ground up to better serve Brands with a need to connect to communities everywhere.

Through our various partnerships and engagements, we have developed and executed winning campaigns for:

What We Do

Our “Community First” approach reaches a lion share of AA U.S. families in a culturally relevant manner – all day, every day. Our content is deployed over highly used media platforms including mobile applications, streaming technology and social. Our influencers generate immediate value for our clients through sponsored events, new media, product testing, and custom long-form content.

What We Do

In addition, we provide access to millions of AA consumers through targeted grassroots outreach, content distribution, multi-genre programs and more. Our show hosts, content and community features are 100% reflective and inclusive of the communities we serve across the nation. From non-profits initiatives to local entrepreneurs, we reach multiple markets based on our community interests and ability to galvanize, influence and distribute mass content from a single source point.

What We Do

We speak in the voice and lifestyle of a wide demographic of viewers and listeners with hundreds of interest points in the country’s highest populations of AA markets, including high concentrations of people often overlooked by traditional media. We cover primary, secondary and specialized markets with intent and deliver millions of impressions and opportunities for our advertising partners to participate in the $1.9 trillion dollars annual buying power of the A.A community.

What We Do

We create measurable results for advertisers, member affiliates and content partners through robust tracking of viewing and listening performance via updated social media analytics and broadcast reporting. We forecast socio-economic and cultural trends from our social influencers based on engagement rates and direct community feedback as additional metrics for return-on-investment for our partners.


Diversity Golf Marketing Group (DGMG) / PGA Reach

The UBAA/ Dynasty Television partnered with St. Louis golf enthusiasts The TeeMasters to promote the PGA Reach’s youth outreach program in the Midwest. It was a historic “first” for PGA to invest in low-income neighborhood s to introduce children 8 – 14 to the game and the future employment and networking opportunities it will create. Our campaign consisted of social media posts highlighting student achievement, parent involvement and community / financial partners who provided financial literacy training and mentorship to the newly formed team. The campaign was supported by local radio, television and print media and was re-shared over community partners, golf influencers, the instructors and families under the Dynasty Television social media dashboard. DGMG and UBAA raised over $40,000 for the hosting team organization with Sponsor funds utilized to pay for the team’s outfits, equipment and training sessions. Expansion to additional teams will be supported by podcasts and ongoing media content to fuel engagement and excitement.

Comcast Cares Community Day

Local Comcast Partner’s Community Giving Day was the perfect opportunity to showcase the giving spirit of Comcast MSP employees and their commitment to community service throughout the year. On May 4, 2019, Comcast celebrated the 18th year of service with over 400 employees assisting families in need assemble resource kits for children. We organically amplified our media partners’ Facebook live stream reaching 23,371 people with 497 views over 9 connected social pages within an hour.

Washington Informer Congressional Black Caucus 2019

The District’s oldest African American newsweekly created a massive coverage campaign communicating key events, interviews, panels and speakers to professionals throughout the DMV area. Combining their socials with their weekly publication and digital presence yielded an accurate reach of over 11 million people per month for it’s branded socials and sister publication The Bridge. We employed an influencer marketing campaign connecting their editorials and on-site posts to notable political figures, media personalities, and community leaders shared over 89 social media pages total reaching over 150,000 people on 4,600 impressions delivered each day.



At Dynasty we provide MultiCultural Brand Marketing Strategy, Development, Implementation, and Management to help you stay current and communicate your value. We do this through a systemized approach using an AGILE™ process that helps us get more done faster for you. Our systemized approach utilizes Workflows, Playbooks, and Processes developed and tested through the partnering of national marketing, advertising, and product development research firms and proven through thousands of businesses, consultancies, and agencies worldwide!

Our Approach is Simple

  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan/
    Campaign Strategy
  • Launch It
  • Measure it
  • Manage it


With over 26 years of experience, Dynasty Television is a St. Louis based African American media distribution, marketing and advertising company working to produce original programming and commercial messaging airing in local and national markets. We deliver new radio content, multi-genre music formats, streaming television and pre-recorded shows and films to millions of listeners and viewers. 

Dynasty Television executes primarily
across five key areas of focus

  • Original content acquisition and distribution
  • Driving radio, television, film and music content consumption through leveraged social media
  • Culturally and contextually relevant creative and messaging content media placement, and advertising services across the network
  • Digital marketing on affiliate websites, mobile apps, and OTT platforms
  • Sponsorship of content and live events 


Together Dynasty Consulting and Dynasty Television strategically plan and create resources, media and content that let you bring your message to a greater number of people in ways across our CultureTainment Network.

Campaigns that educate and inform, that provide access to resources and pertinent information to ultimately close education and health-based disparity gaps and create a sustainable business model attracting funding partners, influencers and key stakeholders to partner for growth.

UBAA Reach

  • 100+ AA community media
    in 75 U.S. markets  
  • 277 social media pages 
  • 100 million visits per month
  • 33 million visits per week
  • 21 million on-air and online listeners 
  • 100+ websites







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