By The Newsletter 2005

As social media gets more and more invasive and inclusive, it seems like everything is open and available to surf. Years ago, maybe prior to Facebook being the “in the crowd” thing, nobody wanted to discuss or tackle anything that was homosexuality.

Today’s class of people are so bold and striving for validation and attention that they will do anything to come out of the closet and let the world know; and the social media giants are here for it. Facebook has over 500 gay groups, Tumbler lets you do porn photos, and guess what? Twitter, another giant, allows gay pornography and provocative chat line videos amongst gay men, and women alike.

So, what is the issue? I had some great conversations with a few gay males, ages 28, 35, and as old as 60. They like how social media welcomes the opportunity to be who you are, however if you are too fat, feminine or maybe too old, you will get passed over. Other concerns are that straight men are creating fake profiles just to tease and bait the gay men.

Some straight predators go as far as manipulation, by asking the members to send money for basic needs for sex. One Facebook member had thousands of dollars taken from him after he was promised a relationship and that the guy was coming to live with him.

It takes common sense to know if it is too good to be true, it is usually not good for you. There are a lot of comments from guys in these gay groups about predators, especially from countries outside of USA. They want nothing much but to come to the States and marry a gay man just to punish him for being gay. So yes, the groups are a welcoming circuit to mingle. But as a grown gay male, sometimes you have to use the right head.

I met up with Thomas, an openly gay male out of Florida, and he didn’t mind me using him, as long as it was just first name only. He said he enjoys mingling with other gay men in one popular private Facebook group. One reason is because it allows him freedom to see who he is chatting with, get a description of the person, and maintain a chat-relationship on his terms.

Gay Facebook social networking can be fun, he said, but know how to stop the chat and messengers if they start asking for money or pretending to be so involved with you very quickly. That can be an immediate red flag, and you know that you are not the only one get the bait.

Thomas goes on to mention as well, that as he ages at 58, he noticed that some of his more fit gay male peers are baring it all on their profile. Even though Facebook limits the nudity, they still find a way to impact the group. With that, Thomas states that it hurts the guys, who are not baring their soul, if you will, that are just on the site to find that special someone. But you can’t find someone if everyone wants the same package.

So in essence, Thomas explains that all the members in the group are grown and know that nothing as it is seems on Facebook and any other platform. Thomas explains that platforms like online gay chat dating service, Adam4Adam, it is a breeding ground for sex and conversations. He said you can create a profile and meet gay and bi men from all walks of the planet. He also stated that he gets a lot of mail from these guys; a hot profile photo can grab a lot of attention. However, he stated he was very disappointed in the end. The one guy he was dating from Adam4Adams was walking down the beach with another man. So, do not get emotional with these fellows; state your business and move on.

Speaking of Twitter, we reached out to founder Jack Dorsey on several occasions, mainly in regards to what I had witnessed with my own facilities. A subscriber I followed, who is obviously openly gay, had retweeted a sexual act in the form of a porn video. I was embarrassed and shocked at the same time. A place where I go to network, get media leads, and market my brand is now remarkably allowing porn videos and sexually explicit postings.

Learn more here about gay porn and Twitter here.

I reached out to my contact and told them if they continue to have that on the timeline, they will be blocked. There was an instance when a gay lawyer complained as well, stating just because he was gay, he still thinks Twitter should remove the porn. Jack Dorsey, on the other hand, didn’t seem bothered by it.

Pornography, whether gay or straight, is a million-dollar industry, and of course, sex sells. Take Porn Hub for instance. If you are good in bed and are willing to let the world know pornographically, you could cash out by just getting thousands of views.

With that being said, with Twitter and other platforms, I am learning it is big business, and the men that entertain it do not mind being exposed. It has gotten even more profitable too, now that you have Only Fans, a platform that was used mainly by celebrities, who wanted to get more close to their fans. Now, Only Fans is increasingly a new naked (no puns) gay way to post videos and get members to subscribe to your profile. I have noticed some guys are getting a lot of hits and making a lot of money using the platform.

From associated press, can you make a lot of money on OnlyFans? While Bella Thorne managed to make more than $1 million in revenue in only 24 hours, the majority of accounts take home less than $145 per month. The average earnings is only slightly more at $180 per month.

In this day and age, especially with the pandemic, I guess being social is the thing to do online. You can live out a world of catfish fantasy and be whatever you want to be. However, know who you are being social with. Expect nothing and give nothing. My best advice is to get out and mingle; let it come to you. Also, watch out for scammers pretending to want a relationship. Be who you want to be and know when something is not right for you.