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With vaccinations rolling out of clinics around the country, we can all start to resume our normal summertime activities. Since not everyone has been vaccinated, you may not want to go too crazy.

As you take your first steps into the sun without a mask or just hang out at home, you may be wondering what you should do. Well, here are 10 things you can do this summer now that you’re vaccinated.

1.Go hiking

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Especially since hiking won’t put you in contact with too many people, this is a great way to ease yourself back into being a part of the big open world. Local, national, or state parks provide great opportunities to see the outdoors without worrying about anyone sneezing on your collar.

2. Tour your city

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Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are a ton of attractions that you may have never explored. Live like a vacationer in your own town and go see some sites.

3. Go farming

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Many people don’t realize that orchards and farms offer paid or free visits for you to come and collect produce. Health food lovers should love taking advantage of the herbs, nuts, and fruit that you can find.

4. Take a dip

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The water provides ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors without getting too close to other humans. If you have a kayak or canoe or just a swimsuit for the beach, you have tons of opportunities to have a good time. If you bring a picnic and romantic partner, you get extra credit.

5. Museum learning

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Museums are both out in the world and sparsely crowded so they’re an ideal return-to-normalcy trip. Many of them, including art galleries and memorials, are free to visit on certain days.

6. Dust off your bike

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Bike trails in major cities and towns provide ample opportunities to reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors. You can shed those pesky quarantine pounds at the same time.

7. Movie night

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Movie nights can take many forms. You can invite everyone over into your pillow fort, project one onto a sheet on your lawn, or find a small arthouse theater to hang out in.

8. Camping

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Camping can be great fun, even if it’s just in your backyard. It’s an ideal summer pastime, especially if you know places where fishing and fire pits are a possibility.

9. Read, read, read

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Reading is a great summer hobby. It’s even better outdoors in a park or hammock. Find a local book reading and relax with fellow lit lovers.

10. D&D time

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Dungeons & Dragons is a fantastic roleplaying experience when you have the right group of friends. But you actually need to be in the same room! If your guild is dusty or if you haven’t started one yet, now may be the time to get back in the adventure.

The Takeaway

Vaccinations reopen the possibilities of having a fun summertime in the great outdoors. But just because you’ve been vaccinated doesn’t mean you have to do anything crazy! From hiking trails to D&D quests, we just wanted to give you some of the options worth considering for your newfound freedom, whether you want to spend it in the sun or the shade.

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