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With travel restrictions lifting (both in the world and in our weary minds), the cities best known for food are becoming open season for weary home-locked quarantiners. The delicious smells wafting down the streets would be more than enough to get you out of your house … if only you could smell them!

This list is the equivalent of us bringing the smells to you. Here are the top cities to travel to just for the food.


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Florence, Italy is a staple of Tuscan cuisine and the inventor of Florentine favorites enjoyed around the world. One of the most famous is Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Florentine steak. Another is the historical Lampredotto, a sandwich made from boiled tripe and sold in tantalizing outdoor markets around the city (don’t forget the gelato!).


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Japanese sushi has become a staple of high-end takeout everywhere in the world, not just in Japan. The beautiful bars and exclusive restaurants of this glittering city are famed everywhere for their glamor and rarity, from meaty hamo (conger eel) to delicious matcha tea.

San Miguel de Allende

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This list is full of innovative cuisine and the street food of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is no exception. However, sometimes the best food in the world is humble and traditional but jolted into the 21st century with a dose of chic. From Mex-Thai fusion cuisine to upscale chilaquiles, San Miguel de Allende is where it’s happening.


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No list of great cuisine would be complete without the place where cuisine as a concept was quite literally invented. Paris is more than a great croissant, however. From its over 1,000 gourmet cheeses to the best Parisian bistros, the City of Lights is a complete culinary journey all on its own.

New Orleans

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New Orleans is a site of incredible fusion, where the cuisines of France, Spain, and West Africa combine into something truly soulful and unique. From delicious Po’Boys to spicy gumbos, New Orleans is a site for homestyle creativity like few others in the U.S.


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Barcelona in Spain is home to some of the world’s must-try foods. These include incredible ibérico ham, Spanish omelets, fresh seafood, and patatas bravas, which are potato wedges, fried and crispy. And don’t forget the one-pan wonder, paella, practically the national dish of Spain, with the incredible fragrance of saffron and the taste of all that delectable seafood.

The Takeaway

The above cities are host to some of the most amazing cuisines in the world, from sparkling seafood to the humblest yet most delicious Mexican street fare. As soon as you’re back out into the world and looking for the best food around, the best anywhere, consider stopping at one of these culinary meccas on your way.

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