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I was delighted to get the opportunity to sit down and do an over-the-web interview with a very aspiring and articulate young musician by the name of Emil Beckford. A quick and blasé name, you would remark. However, there isn’t anything simple about this young man with the plan. 

So, sit back and catch up with what is new in his music catalog and how is he making effective changes in the social world around us.

Hello sir, how are you? 

Emil: I am good! Thank you for making this space for me. 

I am hearing that you released a new album, so what is it called? 

Emil: That is indeed true. The new album is called Songs About Isolation. It came out a few weeks ago and it’s my first album actually, which is really exciting.

I checked out your last song “Prove Me Wrong.” How is it doing on your platforms? 

Emil: Yeah, “Prove Me Wrong” I think is the fan favorite from my last project, Songs About Pickles. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to numbers and things but I’m glad it seems to be a song that resonates with people and makes them want to return, even after two years; and you can’t beat a music video shot in France. 

Okay, with your new album, what was the inspiration behind it? 

Emil: Definitely the Covid of it all. After Songs About Pickles came out, I was excited to share other songs I had about things besides love, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I felt like I had a device to explore those things. I was literally in the back of an Uber getting ready to start my quarantine when the idea hit.

So how does Covid-19 figure in the delivery of your new work? 

Emil: The album definitely dives into a lot of what quarantine has evoked in a lot of us over the last fifteen months or so; namely the isolation, stress, doubt, and fear, but also learning to be kind to yourself, slowly opening back up to the world, and being satisfied.

And from a production standpoint, it was a lot of Zoom calls and sending files back and forth with people because we just couldn’t make it in the same physical space, so ironically, I had to learn how to make this album about isolation in the most collaborative way possible.

Tell me about some of your writers on this album. 

Emil: Speaking of collaboration. I’m very used to working alone (I wrote most of these songs over the course of the last five years and produced them throughout quarantine), but I also realize that you can make better art oftentimes if you relinquish a little control. “Why Do We Suck?”, for example, is a co-write with my best friend, Sofía Campoamor, that we originally made for a class years ago but polished up for this moment. She has exciting stuff coming soon so look out for her.

And then “LoveHurt” is a two and half minute song with seven writers because I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of songwriters on Zoom, throw an idea in front of everyone, and just talk about it until we have a song. Sofía also participated in that, Maria Campos Saadi and Thomas Hagen, who are half of this really cool band Sargasso (Thomas also helped a lot with the production on the album), Archer Frodyma, who played guitar and is an incredible artist, Emma Longhurst, who I wrote with before on Songs About Pickles and is super important to me, and then the icon, Emily Li, who’s literally a pop star in China.

I also want to note that Noah Silvestry, who mixed the album, had a huge hand in shaping it through his production work and mixing, especially on “Never Awake”, which he re-produced from the ground up.

So, can we buy or stream the new album? Give me some information. 

Emil: Yeah, Songs About Isolation is out everywhere you get music online, so your Spotify’s and Apple Music’s. If you’re still with Tidal, I got you. You can listen on YouTube and watch the music video for “Why Do We Suck?” while you’re there. If you’re a “buying music” type of person, it’s on my Bandcamp, which is where I recommend you buy it from, but also on iTunes and Amazon.

Are you looking to go on any tours or open mics soon? 

Emil: Probably not. I’m very proud of this album and want to share it with people, but making it was my major goal in life since March 2020, so I’m honestly a little drained. I’m very interested in re-learning how to be a person in society. I also don’t have a proper band, so I don’t really go looking for gigs, but if something comes my way, who knows? Anything is possible.

Is the music industry tough in your town? 

Emil: One of the things I love about the music scene in New Haven is that it’s much more community-focused than industry-dominated. People really want to support and help each other out and that feels really special. I’m very fortunate to have some incredible New Haven-based artists like Ro Godwynn, who sings the end of “Another Gospel Song”, and Ben Cohen, the guitarist and duettist on “Happy”, on this record.

Who is your biggest supporter, your mom or your dad? 

Emil: Haha this isn’t a trap at all. I’m very fortunate that I have four parents who care about me and want me to pursue my dreams, even if it means I’m belting high notes in their houses at all hours of the night.

Do you see yourself getting married as your music takes off? 

Emil: Well, I’d have to find a partner first! If anybody’s in the New Haven area, wants songs written about them, and likes long scooter rides, my DMs are open.

Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing more of your music in the near future.

Emil: Thank you so much!

You can catch Emil this Tuesday at 6p.m. EST during an interview with Powerhouse Radio of CONN.

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