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With over 26 years of experience, Dynasty Television is a St. Louis based African American media distribution, marketing and advertising company working to produce original programming and commercial messaging airing in local and national markets. We deliver new radio content, multi-genre music formats, streaming television and pre-recorded shows and films to millions of listeners and viewers. 



Finding your brand’s core meaning and connecting it in a compelling and memorable way is the most important thing we do. We have over 250 incredibly talented people in highly specialized disciplines, all working to the same mantra with your brand: never settle.


The best strategies begin with a brilliant team of highly organized professionals. Together they create convincing messages that promote your brand and inspire individuals to make a move. By uncovering the most honest experiences about our customers’ brands we stage experiences that interface with individuals in the best way possible.


“Any Way We Can.” Is our motto when it comes to finding a way to break through the clutter and noise that our audience is bombarded with every day. It takes a perfectly executed big idea to connect clients and their products to the right people.


Our expert cadre of talented editors, producers, photographers, videographers, designers & developers — make your content look and sound its best. We also maintain deep relationships and partner with a variety of directors, production houses, and film crews across the United States.


In the new landscape of devices with screens, people choose when and where they watch. It’s why we build plans based on the most logical delivery of advertising content using comprehensive data about our target audience. This approach translates to an extraordinarily powerful plan across all platforms.


With a solid Brand Strategy, we provide website design, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social strategies, and even an interactive web banners and video. Most Importantly, Behind every plan is data that is constantly informing our approach with our target in the marketplace.


Access to usable, actionable data has forever changed how to define and speak to our target audience. By integrating online and offline data, we target consumer behaviors, intentions, and look alike profiles to deliver the perfect message to the ideal audience — in real time.

Fully Integrated

As an integrated Multi-Cultural Agency, Dynasty takes a holistic approach that includes a broad spectrum of disciplines. Our distinct skill sets combine to produce more efficient results for the ever-changing needs of our clients over the long term.

At Dynasty we provide MultiCultural Brand Marketing Strategy, Development, Implementation, and Management to help you stay current and communicate your value. We do this through a systemized approach using an AGILE™ process that helps us get more done faster for you. Our systemized approach utilizes Workflows, Playbooks, and Processes developed and tested through the partnering of national marketing, advertising, and product development research firms and proven through thousands of businesses, consultancies, and agencies worldwide!

Dynasty Television executes primarily across five key areas of focus:

– Original content acquisition and distribution

– Driving radio, television, film and music content consumption through leveraged social media

– Culturally and contextually relevant creative and messaging content media placement, and 

  advertising services across the network

– Digital marketing on affiliate websites, mobile apps and OTT platforms

– Sponsorship of content and live events


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