Using GOOGLE to Maximize your Business

Using GOOGLE to Maximize your Business

Google Drive has saved my life (professionally, at least) on any number of occasions. I know that some people are wary of services like Google Drive or iCloud for fear of being locked into a single company’s ecosystem (or walled garden, as they’re usually referred to), but there are a lot of benefits to using Google Drive if you’re running a WordPress business. We use it here at Elegant Themes, and it makes putting things into your hands so much easier.

What is Google Drive?

First off, let’s establish what Google Drive is. Google, the omnipresent power that it is, has created a suite of tools that when put together are called Drive. Included in the (default) suite are

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Drawings
  • My Maps
  • Sites
  • Pixlr Editor
Google Drive Overview

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If that’s not enough for you, just hit Connect More Apps and you are taken to the Chrome/Drive app store where you can integrate as many of hundreds (if not thousands) of first- and third-party tools as you want.

In addition to the apps you have, Drive also functions as a, well, drive. You get a certain amount of cloud storage for free with Drive, and you can upgrade that for a monthly price. With that, you can sync between any number of computers and the cloud to always keep your files up to date. In this way, it works pretty much just like Dropbox.

In many ways, using Google Drive as a primary tool for your WordPress business isn’t so much about the power of the tools themselves, but the flexibility and efficiency that you’re able to achieve with your workflow. The entire suite of tools works together so seamlessly (and with other apps like Slack and Trello and even WordPress itself) that taking advantage of these feature will no doubt increase your company or team’s efficiency.  Which will then (hopefully) increase revenue.