Top Cities to Travel to Just for its Food

Top Cities to Travel to Just for its Food

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With travel restrictions lifting (both in the world and in our weary minds), the cities best known for food are becoming open season for weary home-locked quarantiners. The delicious smells wafting down the streets would be more than enough to get you out of your house … if only you could smell them!

This list is the equivalent of us bringing the smells to you. Here are the top cities to travel to just for the food.


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Florence, Italy is a staple of Tuscan cuisine and the inventor of Florentine favorites enjoyed around the world. One of the most famous is Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Florentine steak. Another is the historical Lampredotto, a sandwich made from boiled tripe and sold in tantalizing outdoor markets around the city (don’t forget the gelato!).


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Japanese sushi has become a staple of high-end takeout everywhere in the world, not just in Japan. The beautiful bars and exclusive restaurants of this glittering city are famed everywhere for their glamor and rarity, from meaty hamo (conger eel) to delicious matcha tea.

San Miguel de Allende

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This list is full of innovative cuisine and the street food of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is no exception. However, sometimes the best food in the world is humble and traditional but jolted into the 21st century with a dose of chic. From Mex-Thai fusion cuisine to upscale chilaquiles, San Miguel de Allende is where it’s happening.


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No list of great cuisine would be complete without the place where cuisine as a concept was quite literally invented. Paris is more than a great croissant, however. From its over 1,000 gourmet cheeses to the best Parisian bistros, the City of Lights is a complete culinary journey all on its own.

New Orleans

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New Orleans is a site of incredible fusion, where the cuisines of France, Spain, and West Africa combine into something truly soulful and unique. From delicious Po’Boys to spicy gumbos, New Orleans is a site for homestyle creativity like few others in the U.S.


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Barcelona in Spain is home to some of the world’s must-try foods. These include incredible ibérico ham, Spanish omelets, fresh seafood, and patatas bravas, which are potato wedges, fried and crispy. And don’t forget the one-pan wonder, paella, practically the national dish of Spain, with the incredible fragrance of saffron and the taste of all that delectable seafood.

The Takeaway

The above cities are host to some of the most amazing cuisines in the world, from sparkling seafood to the humblest yet most delicious Mexican street fare. As soon as you’re back out into the world and looking for the best food around, the best anywhere, consider stopping at one of these culinary meccas on your way.

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8 Exotic Foods From The Around The World You Should Try

8 Exotic Foods From The Around The World You Should Try

Food is a universal language that we all share. No matter what city or country you visit, the love of a good dish transcends the barriers that usually separate us. So many aromatic and delectable savories tickle our taste buds at home, but sometimes it is fun to let our tongues travel to sample new cuisines from exotic places.

Whether you are still stuck at home or if you are making travel plans, we have some delicious delicacies that are sure to tickle your taste buds. If you loved our last list of exotic foods to try, get ready to calibrate your taste buds for a whole new gastric adventure. We have put together a list of the 8 most daring, but palate-pleasing exotic dishes from around the world that you should try this year.

Apfelstrudel – Austria

What better way to start off our culinary journey than with a sweet delight to tease your taste buds. The Apfelstrudel is a well-loved delight from Austria. This pastry is a Viennese apple strudel made from tart, fresh apples and wrapped in a blanket of hand-stretched sweetened pastry dough. After being baked to perfection they are lightly dusted with finely milled powdered sugar to round out the flaky treat. Enjoy it hot on its own, or with a heaping scoop of vanilla gelato for a mouth-watering bite of seasonal bliss.

Churrasco- Nicaragua

Beef is a local favorite and international favorite though there are vast differences in the preparation. Churrasco from Nicaragua is a local dish widely loved thanks to not only its taste but also the health benefits it offers. Beef heart is a natural source of healthy fat and good cholesterol. It is also a great dish to serve those who are looking to boost their testosterone levels naturally. Typically this dish is lightly grilled and then sliced thin. Beef heart, Churrasco, is very tender, flavorful, and a true delight for the senses. You will find it plated with local, seasonal vegetables and a light glaze made up of beef juices.

Spanakopita – Greece

Greece probably brings to mind thoughts of beautiful mythic gods lounging around in draped attire. While this is not inaccurate, Greece is also well known for many of its staple dishes. Feta cheese is a tangy favorite for salads and sides, so it may not surprise you that one of the notable dishes from Greece features the ingredient. Spanakopita looks simple, but this delicacy has been around for more than 400 years. It is flaky feta cheese and spinach pie that is a savory lover’s dream. The soft tang of the cheese blends perfectly with the earthy notes of the spinach. When these two are wrapped in a flaky buttery crust, the result is an oral explosion that will have you licking your fingers after every bite.

100-Year-Old Eggs – Hong Kong

You probably were wondering when we would shock you with something weird, and of course, we make sure never to disappoint you. It may be strange to think that a mere egg is a delicacy anywhere, but China has mastered the art of the egg making it something truly exotic. The 100-year-old egg is a dish you won’t find outside of China, but it also happens to be one of their most prized delicacies. Of course, each egg is not actually 100 years old, and if it were, we would never suggest that you actually put it in your mouth. This dish is an egg that has been fermented through a special process that takes from two months to 4 months to complete. It is preserved in a special mixture of lime and clay which transforms it into a unique green color. The unique taste may take some getting used to, however people come from all over the world just to sample this local gem.

Deep-Fried Olives – Italy

Let’s take a culinary trip to one of the food capitols of the world- Italy. We know and love pasta already, however, let’s divert from the traditional iconic fare and get a bit more exotic. Some of the best olives in the world come from Italy and you will also be able to enjoy local exotic flavors made out of this tiny fruit as well. Ascoli-Piceno is the birthplace of the deep-friend olive that started out as a small-town favorite that has now grown to enjoy popularity all over the country. From ground-beef-stuffed olives that are dipped in batter and deep-fried to prosciutto-stuffed deep-fried olives serviced with a light sauce, we are sure this is one exotic treat your whole family will love.

Biltong – South Africa

Let’s go on a journey to South Africa where you can find rich culture, welcoming people, and of course, exotic foods. One of the most well-known dishes from South Africa is Biltong. This is basically a type of jerky but amped up with a cultural flair. Biltong is available in a variety of meat types such as beef, ostrich, foul, or even buffalo. The meat is spiced with local spices, then dried and cured for several weeks. It is much saltier than beef jerky found in the US, and also is much more flavorful. You can cut the meat into small bits for a snack to enjoy on the go or add them into stews and bread for an extra punch of flavor. As far as exotic food goes, this is one that you don’t want to miss.

B’stilla – Morocco

If you are in the mood for comfort or if you just want a filling meal that will make you feel at home, this Moroccan dish is sure to hit the spot. B’stilla is a form of pot pie layered in a flaky crust and stuffed with spices, vegetables, and poultry. What sets it apart is that it is usually made with pigeon, which is where it gets the naturally sweet flavor and rich gamey texture that foodies love. You can also find B’stilla made with Cornish hen, chicken, or quail as an alternative. The presentation of B’stilla is as alluring as the dish itself. The round pie is tolled with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and nuts, while the inside is a savory delight that will be a hit with just about anyone who tries it.

Hakarl – Iceland

If you love seafood then the next exotic item on our list may just appeal to your sense of adventure. Instead of letting sharks take a bite out of you, enjoy them in the traditional style of Iceland instead. Hakarl is an Icelandic delicacy that is popular locally and worldwide. This dish is made up of shark meat that has been salted, dried, and aged for as long as six months. While fermented shark is not everyone’s idea of a good time, if you are feeling brave and like to try new things, this is an exotic treat you would be foolish to pass up.

Taking You To Distant Lands Through Culinary Delights

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Father’s Day Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

Father’s Day Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

Father’s Day is just around the corner and time for shopping is growing perilously short. Depending on the Dad, finding a perfect gift can be much harder than you think which is why you should start looking now. Of course, you can always ask the special man in your life directly what he wants, but when you curate a gift on his behalf, it will be more heartfelt. Instead of sticking to the played-out options of ties, pens, and golf clubs, consider choosing a unique gift from one of the Black-owned brands in our round-up.

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, the best ones are both sentimental and practical. Think about your dad’s hobbies, habits, and secret desires. Will he love a personalized art print or perhaps is he in need of something to help him relax on the weekends? Perhaps he has been looking for a way to overhaul his wardrobe, whatever you choose, these POC businesses are sure to help you make Father’s Day 2021 one to remember.


This website is the brainchild of twin brothers, both of which are innovative Black men with a vision. There are a plethora of sustainable options to choose from for Dad’s or other meaningful men in your life this Father’s Day. Pick up some brightly colored Hammam Dot Towel sets to brighten up their bathroom or treat them to some self-care gifts from the bath and body section. No matter what you choose, the products are guaranteed to be thoughtful, high quality, and smile-inducing for the man you love.

Uncommon Goods

For the man in your life that loves customized creations, Uncommon Goods has a lot to offer. From specialty sugar cubes to create beer cocktails and “mine” liquor flask to luxury grilling utensils and beer-infused barbecue rubs, you are certain to find a gift that makes him smile. All of the products are made and sold by independent proprietors so you can pick and choose where to spend your money responsibly this Father’s Day.


Nothing says I love you more than food. Most dads are the ones manning the grill on the holidays or bringing in the bacon for the family to enjoy. This year why not treat the food-loving father figure in your life to a truly unique gift. You can order meal kits, fully cooked meals, classes, or even a meal delivery subscription for the man in your life who loves to eat. The founder, Joe Ariel understands the connection that comfort food has with emotions and makes sure that a little bit of heart and soul goes into every delivery.

Golde Superfoods

Everyone wants their day to be as healthy as possible to enjoy everything life has to offer. One way to keep your dad healthy is with delicious superfoods. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless, and with delights from Golde, you can keep him fit and full this Father’s Day. This brand was created by a woman of color who wanted to find healthier options in the urban environment. You can set your dad up with Matcha mixes to boost his energy or blueberry-flavored drinks to help reduce his stress levels. In addition to superfoods to improve his internal health, they also offer a range of skincare items that will help turn back the hands of time and give him a natural glow.

Golden Grooming Co.

For men of color, skincare and grooming is often just an afterthought. If you want to give your dad a thoughtful gift that he can use all year long, consider picking up one of the bundles. There are beard oils, body washes, moisturizers, and more that are crafted from 100% all-natural products. The items are geared towards men of color though anyone can use them with equally superior performance. If you want to make him laugh, pick up The Grown Ass Man Box which offers a mix of everything the brand has to offer. To top it off, a percentage of their profit to students at HBCUs and other programs that support entrepreneurship for Black youths in underserved communities.

Gift Ideas From The Heart 

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Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast

When you first wake up from that comfortable resting place, you may hear the wonderful sounds of the sparrows outside the windowsill as the sunshine peaks throughout the sky behind the fluffy clouds; floating like boats on a cool, pleasant, slow-blowing windy morning. 

You find yourself feeling empty and maybe a bit hungry. This is due to the fact that you were fasting while asleep. Now your brain, along with your body, is in need of nourishment. The most important part of the day is “breaking the fast.” You and I know it as “breakfast.”

Taking in a nutritious breakfast is the best, healthy meal to get you started right on your day. By doing so, you are giving your body the fuel that it needs, and the energy to simply take off.  Think of yourself as being like the vehicle you drive. If there isn’t any fuel in it, you can’t move it and take off fast in it, so you have to gas it up.

The same goes for our bodies. We have to add some type of nutrients in order to get the engine running. If you have no fuel, your energy levels will become low, and you then will show signs of being fatigued. Your body sugar will also begin to drop, so make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast and break the fast in a healthy way. 

Psalms 136:25: He provides for food for all living things. His faithful love will last forever. 

Job 12:11: but just as the tongue tastes good, the ears test the words they hear.